Solving Complex Staffing Challenges

Imagine needing to host one of the world’s largest sporting events, one that draws millions of viewers and a stadium full of fans wanting an immersive, multimedia experience. That was the challenge facing our IT recruitment teams recently, working in partnership with a Fortune 100 technology company.

The challenge?

Upgrade 3,000 video screens in one of the world’s largest sport stadiums in advance of the big event. Originally planned to be a 12-week job, the timeframe was then condensed to 8 weeks. Here’s how the right partner helps solve complex staffing challenges.

The Task At Hand

Finding, hiring, training, and deploying the team that would build out the technologies needed was a daunting task. As with any major complex IT project, there were snags. In addition, the venue was online during the entirety of the project, meaning there were other events that needed to be worked around, without disrupting the experiences for fans attending those events.

Why make a change in so much technology in such a short window? Our customer wanted to feature its new in-event technology that allowed for better control of content used by large, media-driven facilities such as sports stadiums and arenas. The opportunity to showcase the capabilities was critical to the customer.

The work required the hiring of information technology professionals who could replace cabling and swap out the hardware in all 3,000 digital players, which used a Linux-based operating system. The project would require not just the physical swapping out of equipment, but also the testing and ramping up of the new tech. 

IT staffing solutions often need to work around active work sites, not disrupting the work while conducting needed upgrades.

  • complex staffingIT staffing solutions often need to work around active work sites, 
    not disrupting the work while conducting needed upgrades. 

Taking Charge, Solving Problems

GDH was hired to serve as the professional services subcontractor, responsible for the migration work to the new system. In short, the migration had to be seamless and the experience needed to bowl over the attendees.

Why hire a company like GDH for such a complex IT staffing job? Proven results. The company had previously been hired to create a support team for event day operations for the customer’s stadium technology experience. The success of that project led to conversations with the customer about critical needs in advance of the big event. Our experience with the platform from the earlier project work helped secure this project.

Complexities arose from the very beginning, not the least of which was scheduling around other events. In addition, supply chain issues delayed the delivery of some of the hardware. Other challenges led to many change requests requiring on-the-job retrofitting. These issues compressed the timeline available to complete the work by 33 percent, from 12 weeks to 8 weeks.

Despite those challenges, the work was completed within the condensed timeframe. The fans in attendance were able to enjoy new technologies and an enhanced game-day experience.


Staffing projects are rarely done on a direct, straight path. You want a strategic partner who will work with you, understand your business, and help create and execute solutions that meet your organization’s strategic goals.

GDH takes the time to understand your staffing and project needs. We deliver solutions on time and on budget that bring you the right talent. Contact us to see how GDH can help your company score.