Be Prepared for Unexpected Recruitment Needs


What started out as a small job providing one or two technicians at one site quickly became a national task to find, hire, and deploy talented IT workers. How was GDH able to act so quickly?

The difference was all about understanding a customer’s needs, delivering talent, and responding when the expansion was requested. With a nimble, resilient team of IT recruitment professionals, GDH knows how to be prepared for unexpected recruitment needs.

Software Upgrades Move From Local to National

The need began with a small request from our customer, a Fortune 500 computer hardware provider. The customer had its own customer, a major national credit bureau. The bureau was a top customer of the hardware company.

The need began with a request for a few technicians to do an operating system refresh at a single California location. The hired technicians would work alongside another group of outsourced IT professionals to complete the work. This other third-party technology company would be the lead on the refresh project.

From the onset, the technicians recruited by GDH outperformed their counterparts in completing the work accurately and on time. The professionalism and expertise of the techs drew praise from the GDH customer and the credit bureau alike.

The success of that initial deployment, and dissatisfaction with the original third-party vendor, led our customer to ask that GDH take over the work.

That decision meant expanding the scope of work, and the locations, to sites across the nation. The techs that GDH had brought on board were asked to lead the refresh work at the new sites.

After working out some minor details in the statement of work, the new project was completed on time and continued to receive high praise from all parties involved. 


Being Credible

When working with IT recruitment agencies, companies want to know that the talent provided will be consistent, effective, on time, and on budget. That means having a partner who can quickly understand the business and the work necessary. It also means establishing trustful relationships that allow for agency and customer to work closely to solve problems and deploy talent.

GDH is more than just a staffing agency. We focus on forging deep relationships with our customers, with an entrepreneurial mindset and a focus on ethical, persistent, and tireless business practices that help you find, hire, and deploy talent you need.

We offer a scalable, integrated recruiting platform that provides the talent you need when you need it, knowing that there are cyclical needs in many industries. These customizable recruiting services are designed to mesh with your own internal hiring processes and systems while delivering you high-quality talent that can do the job.

We work across employment sectors with expertise in information technology recruitment, government services, and professional services. Our talent network engages passive and active job candidates, allowing us to build relationships well before there is a need.

Contact us to learn more about how GDH can deliver the employees you need when you need them.