Make New Workers Feel Wanted and Prepared

A recently spun off regional energy company needed help—and fast. There was a critical need, following the spinoff, to place a large number of field technicians in multiple locations quickly.

From a recruiting perspective, this scenario is not uncommon. However, as is the case with many new businesses, the process of hiring often requires some ramp-up of skills. When does the recruiter need to turn into a business process advisor? Whenever small process changes can help make new workers feel wanted and prepared.

feeling wanted at work

The Heart of Energy Field Work

The new company owned and operated natural gas and natural gas liquids. Using long-term contracts, the company helped producers by providing services related to the gathering, processing and treating new stores of natural gas in the south and southwest.

Field technicians in the oil and gas industry are the essential operators on-site. They take on many roles at a job location, mainly by operating the equipment used to extract fuels. Field techs are involved in the installation, maintenance, and repair of the pumps, gauges, electronics, and other tools that undergo significant wear and tear at a site.

The field technicians being sought needed experience with multiple operating systems, server and PC maintenance, multi-function device support, on-site troubleshooting, and on-site desktop and laptop support for hardware and software.

The new energy company needed 12 new field technicians in multiple locations. Compounding the issue was that the new company had been regularly losing out on field technician candidates to the previous parent company.

At GDH Consulting, our approach to the challenge was to deploy recruiters in multiple locations to deliver the best possible candidates. Over four days, our teams were able to present 30 candidates to the client company.

energy engineer

Finishing the Job

While the engagement was successful, we quickly became aware of post-hire issues. Many of the newly recruited field technicians arrived on job sites, only to find that local contacts had not been notified that new workers were joining the team. 

In addition, the equipment the field techs needed, from laptops on down, was not available. The preparations necessary to ensure the new team members could quickly contribute had not been completed.

We recognized that we needed to have difficult conversations with the customer. As a result of these conversations, internal communications improved, and field sites became ready to receive new employees more smoothly. 

It was critical that the customer improved its business procedures, made new employees feel welcome and valued, and developed better internal communication processes. However, it was also the candid conversation about candidate needs and onboarding that helped establish trust with our recruiting professionals.

Knowing what our customers need beyond the talented employees we help recruit is one of the ways GDH makes a difference. Our experienced teams help with IT staffing and recruitment for companies in a wide range of industries. And if you’re looking for information technology jobs, join our talent network to learn how GDH Consulting can help you land the right position to match your skills.